Friends of St Denys


Within The Church of England every church building must be inspected by an Architect or Chartered Building Surveyor approved by the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC). This regular review is designed to ensure that church buildings are kept in good repair. Our Church, St. Denys, Eaton was inspected under this system on 5th September 2017.

The Friends of St. Denys (FOSD ) was set up in 1997 to maintain, restore, preserve, for the benefit of the public the fabric of St. Denys, Eaton. The money raised by FOSD, over many years, has been used to preserve the fabric of the church (a grade 1 listed building). Requests are made to FOSD for funds via The Parish Council /The Parochial Church Council.

The Parish Council is responsible for the church yard and agrees a maintenance plan with the Parochial Church Council.

The Parochial Church Council, as part of its function is the care and maintenance of the church fabric and its contents. (A simple explanation )

Paragraph 16. 01 of The Quinquennial Report itemises work that requires immediate attention. With the approval of the Parish Council, FOSD has suggested a Voluntary Church Gardening Day to remove the ivy, remove the Valerian clogging the French Drain, review the shed, re-varnish the tap box, cleaning and oiling the North Door - all work referred to in the report that can be done without cost!

A copy of the The Quinquennial Report can be seen by clicking here.



Church Grounds cleanup

A big thank-you to all the people who volunteered their time on Sat. 18th August and came to clear the ivy, Valerian and much more from the church and church grounds of St. Denys Church EATON.
An amazing amount of clearing was achieved accompanied with fun, good humour and cake! The church grounds and the church look amazing.
Thank-you everyone.

Carole FOSD







Eaton Christmas Dinner

Wanted - new committee members

We are a small committee of villagers (7 people) who are responsible for raising funds to maintain and repair the fabric of our beautiful 13th century Grade I listed village church.

We need new committee members.

If you are interested in joining our happy band and wish for more information about how we operate, please contact me:

Carole Luckwell
1 Main Street

Tel: 01476 879106